Rules and regulations


The Gaes Titan Desert by Garmin is an endurance and orientation event for mountain bike (MTB) conducted as a Challenge, in which participants who arrive after the Control Time or drop out of a stage, only once, can start in the following stage, but without scoring in the general classification of that stage or in any other classifications.

The competition will be held from April 29th to  May 4 th 2017 and consist of 6 stages. The present Regulations shall apply.

1. Route & Distances

1st Stage
Boumalne Dades- Boumalne Dades
2nd Stage
Boumalne Dades - Alnif
3rd Stage
Alnif - Rissani
4th Stage
Rissani - Merzouga
5th Stage
merzouga - Merzouga (Garmin Stage)
6th Stage
Merzouga - Erfoud

*The organisation reserves the right to modify the routes.

2. Participation

2.1. THE GAES TITAN DESERT by GARMIN MTB MARATHON is open to the participation of men and women riders older than 16. Riders under 18 must present authorisation from a parent or guardian to participate in the race.


Participation may be administered only in one of the following ways:

 2.2.1  On an individual basis

 2.2.2 Adventure – In addition to participating on an individual basis, it is possible to participate as Adventure. The first will have a free registration for a team in the Powerade MTB Non Stop Series. Participants in this category are not eligible to receive any kind of mechanical or physiotherapist assistance.

 2.2.3 By Teams – formed by 3 riders, who participate on an individual basis, and may belong to different categories and gender.

 2.2.4  By Mixed Duo - formed by 2 riders, one of each gender

 2.2.5 By Corporate Teams – formed by 2 riders from the same company, which may be from same or different gender. They must duly prove their belonging to the same company.

 2.2.6 By Ambassador Teams – formed by two riders from the same municipality, which may be from same or different gender.Participants must prove that they are registered on the municipality for more than a year.

2.2.7 Fat Bike classification - formed by participants that compete with bikes Fat Bike. The dimensions of the wheels will be with tire 26 and wide of the tyre of 3.0" or more.

2.3. For a mode of participation is carry on, it must be a minimum of 5 participants/teams registered

3. Categories

The categories of participants will be the following:

Under-23         Born between 1996 and 2002 (16 - 22 years old)

Elite         Born between 1979 and 1995 (23 - 39 years old)

Master 40        Born between 1969 and 1978 (40 - 49 years old)

Master 50            Born in 1966 and previous years (50 or more years old)

Master 60            Born in 1958 and previos years (60 or more)

Women Elite      Born between 1979 and 1995 (16 - 39 years old)

Women Master   Born in 1979 and previous years (40 or more years old)

For a category is formed, must be a minimum of 5 registered participants. In case of not having such cyclists, if they are sub-23 will be considered elite, if they are masters will be considered elite and if they are senior are considered as master.

4. Equipment


The organisation will provide the following for each registrant:

- A number plate, two bibs, digital rules and regulations and the route in digital format (GPX)

- A geolocalization system mandatory use.

4.2. An approved safety helmet whose use will be mandatory for the entire event.

4.3. The number plate must be carried in a visible place on the front part of the bicycle.


The two bibs must be visible, one on the jersey and the other on the hydration pack.


The members of the same team must wear the same maillot

4.6. A space blanket must be carried.

4.7. All participants must arrive at the starting line with a reservoir of three (3) litres capacity. Water will be provided.

4.8. It is mandatory the use of a GPS.

4.9. Only the leaders of the women’s and men’s categories may wear the official red GAES TITAN DESERT by GARMIN jersey.

4.10. Participation will be permited with those bikes with two wheels of equal diameter, being the front wheel the guideline and the driving rear wheel; and a system of pedals that acts on a chain-driven. Propulsion will be held solely by the strength of the legs of the rider, in a circular motion, with the help of a bottom bracket, and without power assistance or any other.


Sponsored participants must only wear sponsors brands over their clothing and material used during the race.

Any other advertising element, including flags, are prohibited at any point of the race including the arrival under penalty sanction at the discretion of race management.

6. Conduct of the race


The event, of 6 days’ duration, will be of the raid type consisting of 6 stages in a row. One of these stages is a Marathon stage.

The riders must carry the equipment they deem necessary to pass the night. Participants must sleep in the places designated by the organisation.

The stages are cross-country (raid) type races with an individual classification by times which is added up to arrive at a general individual classification.

6.2. The GPS tracks delivered to each cyclist includes all the details of the stages with the description of the route, profile with indication of altimetry, points of departure and arrival.

The points will be given in format degrees and minutes decimal and DATUM WGS 84.

6.3. The participants must pass through the check points marked and in the order marked for the organization. Failure to pass a check point will result in a time penalty.

6.4. It is mandatory to pass for all the Hydration Stations in the order said for the organization.

6.5. The neutral zones and connecting segments, if applicable, must be covered by bike along the route indicated by the organisation.

6.6. The route is open to traffic, which means that riders must follow normal traffic regulations where these apply and proceed with caution in populated areas.


Marathon Stage

Stage number 2 will be considered stage Marathon and will have the following features:

Any external help (mechanical or personnel) at the end of the same is forbidden. Riders must carry all the belongings that they consider necessary for the overnight staying.

7. Race officials

The Director General shall be in charge of the race.


FÉLIX DOT - General Director

MANUEL TAJADA – Project Director
/Sporting Director

RAQUEL RODRIGO – Participant relations and Registration

ISIDRO LÓPEZ – Press relations

8. Starting line control

8.1. One hour before the appointed time for the start, the starting line control, with a bar code reader, will open. All participants must pass this control wearing the clothes that will take part in the race.

8.2. The starting line control will close fifteen minutes before the appointed time for the start.


Staring Boxes:

7.3.1 The first day there will be a reserved space for the cyclists with bib numbers 1 to 50 and 200 to 205.

7.3.2 The other stages there will be 3 reserved spaces

 Box 1:

- 20 first classified overall standings.

- 3 first females.

- 1rst Duo Mixto Team

Box 2:

                - Classified to 21th to 50th overall standing.

                - 4th y 5th female

Box 3:               

                - The other cyclists.

8.4. Riders who are out of the general overall who want to start the stage must do it from the back of of the starting area.

8.5. An audible starting signal will be given at the appointed time for the start. From this moment will start the crhono for all the participants.

8.6. All riders must pass under the starting arch.

9. Hydration stations (EH)

9.1. The organisation will provide water for all participants at the starting line (3 litres) and during the stages (at least every 40km). The situation of the Hydration Stations will be indicated in the tracks GPS that will give the organization.

9.2. Each rider must write his number on cans, food wrappers and other belongings with an indelible marker and must be properly visible. The incorrectly disposing of these belongings will involve, once the infringer found by the organization through his number, in a first time, a warning of caution. The second time a penalty of one hour in the overall standings, as cumulative in successive violations. On the third time it will mean disqualification.

9.3. In the starting line the Organization will verify that all participants carry properly labeling their water equipment.


Each EH will be recognized as a virtual CP.


10. Arrival and stage classifications

10.1. Stage classification

- Participants will be classified according to the order in which they pass across the finish line, after verify that they have ride correctly all the route. The check points will then be revised electronically. Failure to pass a check point will result in a time penalty.



- The 3th stage of the race will be called Garmin Stage

- The first three finishers in this sprint will have a bonus of 90 ', 60' i 30 "respectively in the stage classification.


Close of control time and dropouts

- A time limit for arrival or control close time will be established in accordance with the characteristics of each stage and will be communicated during the daily briefing. Only Race Management can modify these in case of adverse weather conditions or for other justifiable reasons.

- Any rider who has been out of control or has abandoned the race and want to get out in the following stages, can do it if he has not abandoned or has arrived out of control, and he will not appear int the general overall, neither other classifications.


Team classifications

9.4.1. To be eligible for these classifications all team members should have covered all of the stages.

The team classification of the stage will be obtained by the sum of the time invested by the three runners of each team, being better classed the rider that less time has totalled. In the event of a tie, it will be addressed in favour of the team who has obtained fewer points in the sum of the positions of these three riders. In case of a new tie, it will be resolved in favor of the team with the top-ranked rider at the stage.

To establish the teams classification, only formally registered teams with three riders are taken into account.

9.4.2 Mixed Duo teams: must perform the stage together without more than 1 minute of difference in the passage of every checkpoint (CP) and the finish line. Otherwise, they will be disqualified from the teams classification and consequently moved to the individual general classification with a penalty of 90 minutes.

9.4.3 Corporate teams: the two components of the team should perfomevery stage together without more than 2 minutes of difference between the first and the third member of the team both in checkpoints (CP) and the finish line. Otherwise, they will be disqualified from the teams classification, and consequently moved to the individual general classfication with a penalty of 45 minutes.

9.4.4 Ambassador teams: both team members should perform together without more than more than 1 minute of difference between them, both in every checkpoint (CP) and the finish line. Otherwise, they will be disqualified from the teams classification, and consequently moved to the individual general classification with a penalty of 90 minutes.

11. General classifications & protocol


General individual classification by times

It will be considered winner of this classification, that rider who completed the full route of all stages in the shortest time.

In the event that several riders completed the race with the same time, the one that the sum of his position in every stage is less, will be considered the winner.

If the tie persists, it will be resolved in favour the highest ranked rider in the final stage.
To be eligible for this classification, the rider should have been classified at all the stages.

The members of Mixed Duo, Ambassador and Corporate teams will not opt to this classification.


General team classifications

It will be winner of this classification, the team whose sum of the times of each stage is the minor. In case of time tie between various teams, it will be resolved in favour of the team whose sum of positions in each stage is the minor.
If the tie persists, it will be resolved in favour of the highest ranked team in the final stage.

11.3. Special classifications by category

Special general classifications shall be established for each of the categories: Elite, Under 23, Master 40, Master 50, Master 60 and Women which shall be obtained in accordance with the order of the general individual classification by times.


Powerade Adventure Classification

There will be able to take part in this classification all those riders who participate in the race on an individual basis, not with a team, and without receiving any type of mechanical or physioterapy assiatance.

11.5. Protocol

At the end of each stage the organisation will deliver, during a briefing which will take place at 8.00pm in the place designated for it, a trophy and the leader’s jersey to the top rider (man and woman) of the general individual classification by times. This jersey must be worn in the following stage.

12. Technical dispositions


11.1 It is a rider responsibility pass the control in the starting area and under the arc installed for that purpose.


11.2. It is prohibited to circulate and go through any road or paved section that isn't reflected in the track.


11.3 It is prohibited the use of any unfair method to gain time over other competitors.


11.4. Only duly authorized by the organization vehicles are allowed to follow the race


11.5. With the aim of maintaining the security of the participants and keep the adventorous spirit of the race, it is prohibited that any vehicle linked with a participant circulating around the track during the course of the race and ahead of the sag wagon.


11.6 It is permitted the exchange of material between participants during the race 


11.7 It si not allowed aany foreign material or technical assistance during the development of a stage.


11.8. Participants can be aided by mechanical, massage therapists or physiotherapists, etc... Since the end of a stage to the next exit, but never in the course of the stage.


11.9 Every auxiliar must be accredited by the Organization, and may be only perform their role in the official hotels, official camps and enabled areas.


11.10. Since the arrival of the Marathon Stage until the exit for the next stage any outside help to participants is not allowed.

13. Penalties and Complaints

13.1. Penalties

Start forbidden
Mechanical assistance during the stages
Mechanical assistance after the marathon stage
Violent behaviour between riders and/or officials and/or the public
Removal of helmet during the race
Failure to pass through four CPs during a stage or alternate stage
Failure to pass the finish line control
Do not sleep in the places allocated by the Organization
Failure to pass under the starting line arch
Do not pass the Antidoping Control
Not facilitate to the organization the recording of the GPS with the route done by the cyclist
Improperly discarded wrappers of food or drink, for the third time
Circulating on unauthorised pavement
5 hours
Do not pass a Pass Control (CP)
5 horas
Do Not pass a Pass Control (CP) according to the order set by the Organization
5 hours
Do not pass for the arrival control, having passed the previous control
3 hours
Failure to pass the starting line control
3 hours
Improperly discarded wrappers of food or drink, for the second time.
1 hora
Not to pass the Anti-Doping Control before the 30 minutes of the arrival of the corridor
1 hour
Failure to use the regulation helmet
Failure to wear the two bibs or display the number plate
Failure to carry the required water reservoir
Failure to wear the leader’s jersey
Wearing the leader’s jersey when not the leader
Failure to wear a jersey, cycling shorts or trousers
Covering the advertising on the number plate or bibs
Disrespectful behaviour towards other riders, officials, the public or the environment
100 to 600 €

13.2. Complains

Complains against the decisions of the Organisation must be made in writing in the participant relations tent at the latest 30 minutes after being informed of the infraction. A deposit of €100 must be made, which will be returned if the complain is accepted.



All participants in this race may be subjected to an anti-doping test.


Shall be duty of the riders know where to take that control. For this reason, when the rider arrive to the finish line he should look at the bib number list for the antidoping control, that will be in the participants servive tent.


Riders will have 30 minutes from their arrival to take the test


At the end of every stage the anti-doping test have to be taken by:

a. The first male rider ranked

b. The first female rider ranked


At the end of the final stage the anti-doping test have to be taken by:

a. The first rnder-23 rider

b. The first Elite rider

c. The first Master 40 rider

d. The first Master 50 rider

e. The first Master 60 rider

f. The first female rider

g. Two  riders selected by the Organization, whose numbers will be indicated on the panel located at the relationship with the participant's tent.

15. List of awards and protocol


At the end of the final stage, a Briefing with all the riders will be held, in which all established protocol acts will take place. The first three finishers of the individual category - male and women – as well as the first three finishers of the rest of categories and team classifications have to be present at the act dressed with their regulatory sports equipment.



The top classified man, woman and UNDER23 will receive:

     -A Free registration to the 2019 edition of the Gaes Titan Desert by Garmin.

The top three riders of each category will receive:

    - A trophy.

The top three of clasifications for TEAMS, Mixed DUO, AMBASSADOR, CORPORATE and FAT BIKE will receive:

    - A trophy

The top classified of the Powerade ADVENTURE will receive three free registration to the race POWERADE MTB Non Stop Madrid-Tajo Internacional-Lisboa by MRW.


15.1 All participants must be respectful with the other participants, members of the media and the crowd

15.2 The Organisers reserve the right to alter or modify the rules at any time.

15.3 The registratiom on the Gaes Titan Desert by Garmin implies acceptance of this regulation.

*In case of any doubt in the interpretation of the regulation, the Spanish version shall prevail when making a final decision.

The Regulations in PDF

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